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Brussels Gallery is temporarily closed until December 31, 2020.

Beirut Gallery is under reconstruction after the 4th August blast.

At the approach of its centennial, Lebanon, which was severely wounded by the war but also by the post-war period, is a vast field of ruins. In 2020, the country is far away from the initial vision of its founding fathers; It is the opposite of the “glorious twenty” of peace, growth and prosperity experienced from 1952 to 1972, a brief golden age as described to young people by their grandparents and parents. This very sharp contrast, between today’s grieving reality and a celebrated past, is feeding the rejection by the young generations who are in protest and cross swords with the all-powerful coalition of former militias, in power since 1990.
The successive failures of the revolts from 2015 have amplified the prevailing bitterness and deepened the thirst for change, revealing the arrogant sense of impunity of the political elite in the exercise of governance; preferring blindness to the “enlightened” solutions, turning gradually public services into an organized racket, until the October 17, 2019 uprising.
It is against this backdrop that the Gallery perceives its commitment and shares it with friends and audience as an act of faith; the faith in the power of art and the power of artist to change our view of the world; the faith in the courage of women and men facing destruction and lies; the faith of Houda Kassatly in the splendor of Lebanon heritage; the faith of Etel Adnan Sitt Marie-Rose in the face of the war atrocities.
For all this, the Gallery will unite during the year 2020, that of the centenary of Greater Lebanon, with all Lebanese who fight daily for their present, their future and that of their children. A future that is only possible in the rebirth of Greater Lebanon, our homeland, for a new century of freedom, justice and dignity, and because the creative power of the artist will always triumph over the destructive forces of evil.

Alice Mogabgab.

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