Current Exhibitions

From March 12, till May 13, 2022,

Alice Mogabgab Gallery Beirut / Brussels presents the exhibition

Lumières . Enlightenment . الأنوار
Paintings, sculptures, photographs by
Etel ADNAN, Jeanine COHEN, Houda KASSATLY,
Malgorzata PASZKO, Clémence VAN LUNEN & Li WEI.

NEWS 2022

In July 2021, Electricity of Lebanon abruptly stopped its power generation and plunged the country into total darkness. The Lebanese people were then at the mercy of private providers in their respective neighborhoods, smugglers operating on behalf of the political castes in power, and for themselves. Accepting to work under such conditions of subservience to corruption, while fueling it, is contrary to the values upheld by the artists and the gallery owner. A temporary closure was therefore necessary, until the installation of a new energy source – from the sun – could illuminate the space and the exhibitions.