From January 12 to February 29, 2020
Alice Mogabgab – Brussels presents the exhibition

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Li WEI was born in 1979 in Harbin, Hei Longjiang province, China. She lives and works in Beijing and in Hong Kong.
In 2003, she graduated in painting from the Nanjing Institute of Arts and in 2007 she obtained her Master’s degree in mural painting from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. During the graduation exhibition, she received the Academy’s First Prize. Li Wei’s first two solo exhibitions took place in 2009, at the Today Art Museum in Beijing and at the Central Art Museum in Nantong. Both entitled Simplicity and Complexity, the exhibitions featured works on paper and canvas and revealed her research and aspirations for a simple yet solid art. Invited by Michel Baudson to participate in the exhibition From the Tree to the Forest, which he curated at the Beirut gallery in 2011, her paintings met with great success and gave rise to a solo exhibition in 2016.

Whisperings is Li Wei’s first solo exhibition in Belgium and presents 12 recent paintings, pigments on canvas or Chinese ink on silk. The text of the catalogue, published in French, Dutch and English, is written by Michel Baudson.
Right from my initial glances, passing from one painting to the next, I was just as much surprised as impressed by the quality the work, be it finished or in progress, but especially by the very different process, both accomplished and intentional, of her pictorial method, a method that immediately convinced me. Having thus shown the artist herself as well as my Chinese friends my keen interest, I thereafter had the chance of visiting an exhibition of hers at a Beijing gallery where other paintings of trees and of fish too confirmed my initial certainty.
Li Wei’s personality, the intensity to which her work bears witness, reveals a very personal artistic temperament, self-asserting and original.

Michel Baudson is honorary president of the Académie royale des Beaux-Arts – Ecole supérieure des Arts in Brussels; honorary president of the Association belge des critiques d’art; president of Jeunesse et Arts plastiques; member of the Commission consultative des arts plastiques de la Communauté française de Belgique; visiting professor at the Academy of Fine Art in Xi’An (Shaanxi, China); member of the AICA (International Association of Art Critics) and of the Icom (International Commission of Museums); he is the curator of international exhibitions and the author of numerous publications.

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Li Wei’s painting process
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