That Cedar Being Cut Down !

From 17 October to 31 December, 2020
Alice Mogabgab – Beirut presents the exhibition

That Cedar Being Cut Down!
Paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, videos
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Ce cèdre qu’on abat !
Peintures, sculptures, photographies, dessins, vidéos

! هذه الأرزة التي تقطع
لوحات، منحوتات، صور فوتوغرافيّة، رسوم، فيديوهات

We are in the destruction of the world,
And they, these trees, are still young, and, though rooted,
Much more free (in their development) than we are.

Etel ADNAN, Tout arbre est un chant.

That Cedar Being Cut Down! Of all the countries, Lebanon is among the few whose flag is adorned with a tree; the cedar. While the latter has been the object of much envy in the past, other varieties have suffered the same fate throughout History; pines, oaks, junipers and olive trees were also cut down by the conquerors, either for the need of building or for the purpose of destroying.

When power in Cedar Land was returned to its inhabitants just a century ago, no forest protection policy was put in place. The war years didn’t help; between foreign armies and local militias, the thirty hectares of parasol pines in Horsh Beirut, planted in the 17th century by the enlightened despot Fakhreddine, have been completely decimated. Since the return to calm and the beginning of the said reconstruction, each year, entire forests have succumbed to arson or to the savage urbanization of regions, reducing nature and its biodiversity, under the indifferent gaze of warlords converted into politicians, more predators than the desertization advancing from the East.

When the popular revolt broke out on October 17, 2019, it was nourished, among other things, by images of violent fires that had just ravaged Lebanon’s hills, valleys and mountains. At the speed of these flames the revolt spreads throughout the territory, in cities and regions, rallying Lebanese from all walks united by the ecological disaster against the criminal choices of the warlords in place, against their scorched earth policy. A scorched earth policy that now extends from ecology to economics, inexorably dragging the Lebanese to a slow death.

On October 17, 2020, Alice Mogabgab – Beirut reopens its doors, after the 4th August blast. Faithful to its social commitments and to its cultural responsibilities, the Gallery presents the exhibition That Cedar Being Cut Down! paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and videos, in the hope of gathering around the magnified tree, emblem of the sustainability of nature in front of the destructive forces that try to cut down Lebanon, all those still rooted in their land, who fight against the flames of hell and the waves of migration.

Artists. Until 31 December 2020, the exhibition brings together works by 14 artists: Etel Adnan, Nadim Asfar, Charles Belle, Pascal Courcelles, Yann Dumoget, Nicolas Gaillardon, Alexandre Hollan, Houda Kassatly, Ludwika Ogorzelec, Malgorzata Paszko, Eric Poitevin, Jean-Bernard Susperregui, Li Wei, Luciano Zanoni.

Alice Mogabgab.
Beirut, October 1, 2020.


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