Skies, Places and Hues of Blue

From October 3 to November 11, 2017
Alice Mogabgab Gallery presents the exhibition
Pascal Courcelles
Skies, Places, Hues of Blue


French version (PDF) English version (PDF)

Skies, Places and Hues of Blue is Pascal Courcelles’ fifth solo exhibition at Galerie Alice Mogabgab in Beirut, presenting a decade of paintings produced between 2007 and 2017.
The primary preoccupation of this landscape enthusiast is the phenomenon of light vibrations. From water surfaces to sections of the sky, rendered in wonderful hues of blue, burst forth shimmering “water lily-butterflies” painted with thick oil paint applied with a palette knife, using a rolling movement that makes the material dance, the colour sing and the light vibrate.

Pascal Courcelles was born in Brussels in 1956 where he lives and works. At the age of sixteen he began his art education at the Institut Saint-Luc in Tournai, where he created collages inspired by Pop Art and in 1975 obtained a diploma in Applied Arts. He continued his studies in Brussels, resulting in a second diploma in Visual Arts in 1979.
His first solo exhibition took place in 1984 at Amok Galerie, followed by many more at other Brussels galleries such as Damasquine, Velge et Noirhomme and Fred Lanzenberg, but also in New York, Nagoya, Athens, Paris, London and Beirut – at Alice Mogabgab Gallery.