40 Years of Painting

From November 6, 2018 to January 26, 2019
Alice Mogabgab – Beirut presents the exhibition
Malgorzata Paszko
40 Years of Painting, a retrospective with Gallery’s collection
Paintings & papers

French version (PDF) English version (PDF) Arabic version (PDF)

Malgorzata Paszko, 40 years of painting is a retrospective show celebrating in 2018 forty years of artistic career, researches, experiments and exhibitions around the world. Galerie Alice Mogabgab is pleased to share into this anniversary, and to present the first retrospective show of the artist, with artworks acquired throughout years, in addition to a monograph book, with text written by French philosopher Yves Michaud.
Born in Poland in 1957, Malgorzata Paszko joined the Warsaw Fine Arts School in 1975. The next year she left her country and settled in France, where she resumed learning painting at the Paris Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts.
In 1978, fresh from her formation as painter from the Beaux-Arts, her talent is spotted by Claire Burrus, who showed Paszko’s works at her “Le Dessin” Gallery. Ever since, her paintings, engravings and drawings are regularly shown at major contemporary art fairs across Europe: FIAC, Art Basel, ARCO, Art Brussels, Art Paris and others; not to mention the numerous awards and scholarships she won over the years, among those, the prestigious Prix de la Villa Medicis, offering the artist a one-year residency in the villa.
Her collaboration with Alice Mogabgab Gallery started in 1999 with Forms and Figures (2003), Lights and Reflections (2005), Trails and Reflections (2007), Paths, Reflections and Trees (2009), Night Heart & Day Light (2013), Spring Rain (2016) and 40 Years of Painting, a retrospective with Gallery’s collection (2018). Those Beirut personal exhibits were accompanied by catalogues.

Malgorzata Paszko, 40 years of painting, is a journey into the heart of an intense artistic path, patiently constructed, and nourished by daring and subtle personal research. From her first still life paintings to her amazing constellations and through interior scenes and landscape sceneries; constantly the artist questions her creative process, in search of a more elaborate creation.
“Before a painting by Malgorzata Paszko, one’s admiration can’t be limited to the pictorial material and the way it is disposed-off; or to the unique beauty of the landscape, the greenery, the light and the reflections of the night atmosphere.
One rather stay on an edge, hesitating; a hesitation that is not worrisome; in between gravity and flying away, in between material and image.” From Yves Michaud, monograph on the artist.
Presently Paszko’s works are shown in prestigious public collections: Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Musée Picasso – Antibes, Fondation de France, Bibliothèque Nationale and Banque Nationale de Paris in  France; Dudelange Town in Luxembourg, University of Torun in Poland, National Gallery of Sarajevo in Serbia Herzegovina, Longzhou and Tucheng museums, both in China.

Yves Michaud, philosopher and writer, is university teacher of philosophy and theory of knowledge in France (Montpelier, Rouen and Paris-Sorbonne), along with foreign universities (Tunis, Sao Paulo, Edinburg and Berkley). Since 1980, encouraging encounters launched him into a critic of art career; writing on contemporary artists; Viallat, Buraglio, Wodiezko, Chen Zhen, Mitchell, Riopelle, Francis, Voss, Clement, Gauthier, Benzaken, Hollan and others. Subsequently, Michaud operated as editor in chief of “Les cahiers du MNAM”, the art review of Georges Pompidou museum. Then after he was commissioned to direct and reform the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts. At the end of this endeavor he went back to his Sorbonne philosophy chair.
In addition to his well kwon philosophy books, Yves Michaud is contributing many texts on philosophy and the aesthetics of art; such as the “crisis of taste”, “the margins of visions”, “aesthetic criteria and the judgment of taste”; as well as many introductions for books.
Yves Michaud monitored the career of Malgorzata Paszko since her first exhibition.